Friday, June 10, 2011

Story Dev HW 1

Here's a post that I put on the student work blog for the class I'm taking at Concept Design Academy. We're supposed to develop a character for this first assignment. I'm putting it here so that I can also get feedback from people who aren't in the class.

So here's one that I have. This stuff isn't finalized at all, so any feedback or suggestions for major change is welcome. I actually have another character that I'm thinking of showing, so yeah.

 This guy is a superhero who takes small offenses way too seriously.

1) Personality: Bold, assertive, stoic. A little bit like Robocop, and a little bit like Christian Bale Batman. Takes things into his own hands. Has delusions of grandeur.

2) Wants: To enforce justice... the kind that doesn't involve too much danger.

3) Needs: To lighten up and realize that some things take higher priority than others, and that he should be trying to tackle the bigger problems.
 I'd like to spend more time developing the design of this guy, if I do end up choosing to use this character. The big eyes are inspired by Kamen Rider (Masked Rider), and the exposed mouth and lips are inspired by Power Rangers and Batman. On a few of the last sketches, I gave him boots with ridges underneath, like the boots of Frank Miller's Batman from The Dark Knight Returns. Oh, and I'd like to develop the look more so that he doesn't look so much like Viewtiful Joe.


And lastly, here is a small story gag idea that I had:
  "There! Finished up my AMV (anime music video). Now to upload it on Youtube."


 "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!!!"


  1. he does look a lot like viewtiful should develop lots and lots of characters instead of just drawing only one and sticking to just that. empty your mind on the paper. I dont know what your character has to do with youtube as well. i understand hes sort of a cop, but an internet cop?? Also, if hes supose to be like batman i suggest you make his entrance more subtle. dont think batman or robocop would burst out in a pose and would be this short. he looks to comical. hope that helps!

  2. His proportions and sillouette are too similar to viewtiful joe. I agree with Cody, do some silouette thumnails (let's say 20) and choose one logically based on what kind of character he is. Honestly I like the idea of and internet cop, that would scare the crap out of most people hahah.

  3. SO MUCH LIKE VIEWTIFUL JOE!!! The above comments are true: try developing different superhero designs and proportions and not just focusing on one design. Explore, Tung!! I know you're capable becuz I remember seeing all those different designs of your fire-bender guy (forgot his name; srry!!). Your line-work is really NICE and is improving :)

  4. Thanks for the help, guys. Mmmkay, I'll work on the design. Cody, I'm actually thinking of making him comical, soooooo... but I wonder if he should look serious so that it's funnier when the gags happen...

  5. "Empty your mind on the paper" is good advice. Thanks!