Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stuff people at Oddbot did

This semester I interned at Oddbot, Inc. I had a chance to assist with production on some shorts.

"Veggie Tales from the Crypt." This one aired on MAD TV on Cartoon Network. I didn't help much on this one. I got to observe Erich Haeger and Zachary Auf make puppets out of store-bought vegetables. It's old-school rigging, yo. They shot the puppets against a greenscreen and composited them into backgrounds made in Flash and After Effects.

"Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei," the first animated short for Disney's Club Penguin. I changed the penguin colors to match the model sheets in a bunch of these shots... and I started the cleanup on the title card that Anne Walker drew, but I'm not sure if they ended up using my cleanup. I also took screenshots from the animatic and made these printouts that were used to help plan who was going to work on which scene. Rough key animation by Anne Walker, BGs by Tim Szabo with some assistance by Aron Shay, cleanups by a lot of people including Erich Haeger, Kassandra Heller, Aron Shay, and this guy named Pablo whose last name I don't know. Lighting effects and After Effects editing by Zachary Auf. Directed by Chris Hamilton. Production coordination by Suzannah Szabo and Greg Chalekian.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some beat boards

Been thinking about my story for Chuck's class. I tried drawing some beat boards to view the whole thing more at a glance... I'm also screwing around with different drawing methods.

So far, I've got half of the thing thumbnailed out, but there are still issues with the ending and I need to polish things and add appealing little details and payoffs. I'm not sure how good it'll turn out ... 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beefy eva

This is more like what I wanted to do.


A doodle

I saw a model sheet of Eva Unit 01 from the original TV series, where the evas had bulkier upper bodies and broad shoulders. I had wanted to draw something exaggerated and stylized, but this isn't really what I wanted... Also, I remembered a piece of concept art from Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's Der Mond artbook, so this is sort of based off of that image.

I reuploaded this image about 3 times, tweaking the shading. Brb, checking into crazy house

EDIT: Nuts, it is pretty similar to that one by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. I hadn't looked at it in years, though. Thanks, visual memory! I guess.