Friday, June 24, 2011

Wrestlin' with mah story

These are little gags that I thought about putting in my story.

It got me thinking that I need to step back and write an outline if I'm going to have a coherent story.

So far I'm thinking...

  • Justice Guy intervenes on a guy who accidentally dropped a piece of candy wrapper on the ground
  • Justice Guy takes the perp to the police station
  • They tell him to release the guy and go home
  • JG does his line "THIS CITY HAS GONE TO THE DOGS," indicating his frustration with the state of the city and its police
  • In a Sin City-style homage, he prowls the city, stopping extremely minor offenses
  • Eventually he experiences some sort of fall from grace
    • Maybe trips and falls, or a "criminal" or bystander stands up to him
  • Anyway, he is confronted by someone (another crimefighter, maybe) who tries to convince him to change his ways
  • A fight ensues
  • JG maybe realizes the error of his ways, but he vanishes/supposedly dies 
  • Epilogue: A guy burns a mix CD at his computer, and gets punched by Justice Guy. This is a twist indicating that Justice Guy is back to his old ways...

Condensed version with alternate ending...
  • Show Justice Guy trying to arrest or beat up people who committed really really minor offenses
  • A breaking point is reached where JG gets out of control or the police tell him to buzz off
  • Justice Guy experiences some sort of fall from grace
  • He engages in a fight scene with someone who tries to help him
  • He realizes the error of his ways
  • He ends up tackling bigger types of crime that actually needs help from a superhero
    • OR in a comical twist he ends up returning to his old ways, having learned nothing

Comments and ideas appreciated! I need them... o_o

Drawing Club stuff: Roman Centurion

I think nearly everyone who was there did better than usual with this theme.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Story Dev char designs

 I was thinking, "I'll give this guy a butterfly theme, like how Kamen Rider has a grasshopper/bug theme." It's a little comical to see a crimefighter who has a theme not commonly associated with good/justice. So, basically, Kamen Rider, Spider-Man, Robin, etc.

I also thought about doing a "justice theme." In the top left, I have the guy with his eyes covered (as justice is blind), and a scale symbol on his chest. But, with his eyes covered, he wouldn't be able to emote as well, and he might look like some sort of blindfolded kung fu guy...

I also thought about incorporating the Japanese word for justice, seigi 正義 into his costume (or just the 正 part of it), but then to most people he would just look like some Asian-themed character, and they wouldn't understand the "justice" part.

 Here is more on that justice theme. A western representation of justice is a blindfolded woman holding a sword and a pair of scales. I ended up with a somewhat knight-ish costume. Although, it seems too appropriate, and not silly enough. Somehow I think this kind of theme/motif would be good for a more serious take on a superhero, not a comical superhero... I'm confused here.

I had also thought of a police/riot-gear type costume, but he wouldn't look silly enough when trying to enforce his own brand of justice.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Story Dev HW 1

Here's a post that I put on the student work blog for the class I'm taking at Concept Design Academy. We're supposed to develop a character for this first assignment. I'm putting it here so that I can also get feedback from people who aren't in the class.

So here's one that I have. This stuff isn't finalized at all, so any feedback or suggestions for major change is welcome. I actually have another character that I'm thinking of showing, so yeah.

 This guy is a superhero who takes small offenses way too seriously.

1) Personality: Bold, assertive, stoic. A little bit like Robocop, and a little bit like Christian Bale Batman. Takes things into his own hands. Has delusions of grandeur.

2) Wants: To enforce justice... the kind that doesn't involve too much danger.

3) Needs: To lighten up and realize that some things take higher priority than others, and that he should be trying to tackle the bigger problems.
 I'd like to spend more time developing the design of this guy, if I do end up choosing to use this character. The big eyes are inspired by Kamen Rider (Masked Rider), and the exposed mouth and lips are inspired by Power Rangers and Batman. On a few of the last sketches, I gave him boots with ridges underneath, like the boots of Frank Miller's Batman from The Dark Knight Returns. Oh, and I'd like to develop the look more so that he doesn't look so much like Viewtiful Joe.


And lastly, here is a small story gag idea that I had:
  "There! Finished up my AMV (anime music video). Now to upload it on Youtube."


 "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!!!"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PMC Drawing Challenge: Going to hell in a handbasket

This is an old one. Did it a couple months ago for a PMC drawing challenge. It was also in the PMC Exit Gallery during the film festival.

Monday, June 6, 2011