Friday, June 24, 2011

Wrestlin' with mah story

These are little gags that I thought about putting in my story.

It got me thinking that I need to step back and write an outline if I'm going to have a coherent story.

So far I'm thinking...

  • Justice Guy intervenes on a guy who accidentally dropped a piece of candy wrapper on the ground
  • Justice Guy takes the perp to the police station
  • They tell him to release the guy and go home
  • JG does his line "THIS CITY HAS GONE TO THE DOGS," indicating his frustration with the state of the city and its police
  • In a Sin City-style homage, he prowls the city, stopping extremely minor offenses
  • Eventually he experiences some sort of fall from grace
    • Maybe trips and falls, or a "criminal" or bystander stands up to him
  • Anyway, he is confronted by someone (another crimefighter, maybe) who tries to convince him to change his ways
  • A fight ensues
  • JG maybe realizes the error of his ways, but he vanishes/supposedly dies 
  • Epilogue: A guy burns a mix CD at his computer, and gets punched by Justice Guy. This is a twist indicating that Justice Guy is back to his old ways...

Condensed version with alternate ending...
  • Show Justice Guy trying to arrest or beat up people who committed really really minor offenses
  • A breaking point is reached where JG gets out of control or the police tell him to buzz off
  • Justice Guy experiences some sort of fall from grace
  • He engages in a fight scene with someone who tries to help him
  • He realizes the error of his ways
  • He ends up tackling bigger types of crime that actually needs help from a superhero
    • OR in a comical twist he ends up returning to his old ways, having learned nothing

Comments and ideas appreciated! I need them... o_o


  1. First off, I approve of the 2nd condensed story you typed up there. You can even have him realize his errors and fight BIGGER crime AND in the same time (not a twist) show that once in a while he apprehends minor crimes too, kinda where he can't stop the little habit.
    When I was reading your comics, it struck that he's gonna turn into this Rorshach parody HAHA

    NICE, Tung!! Does this class have you animating this all out or...??

  2. Thanks for the comments. Yeah I did think he was turning into Rorschach... <_<; Little habit, eh... I hadn't thought of that.

    Nope, no animation in this class. But I think we'll be expected to really fully board out stuff showing how every action is done, so it'll be almost as if it's animated, maybe... Rad showed us some examples of his storyboards, such as for Megamind, and it had a lot of poses in it.