Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pose practice

About a month ago I did a few drawings from live action video and photo reference. I drew them as turtles, nyuk nyuk. I have since kind of abandoned the dark ink-like PS brush that I used for these. Currently trying a brush set at 50% opacity for a more pencil-y, less harsh effect. Some of these are iffy, yeah. I moved on to drawing other stuff and forgot about doing more of these... I ought to be more consistent with what I practice drawing...

Friday, November 9, 2012

More stuff I did during lectures (Spring 2012)

PMC Halloween 2012

Drew some costumed students. Traditional pencil and paper feels really good... a lot better than the slippery surface of a tablet PC (and Cintiq, too, I'm assuming.)

These drawings are a lot lighter in real life, but I upped the contrast just to make it pop. I felt that other stuff I uploaded in the past just looked too light. I'm sure there are mistakes in these drawings, and I didn't draw any ground planes... just felt like putting these out and not fussing too much.

I think Jack Frost's staff isn't accurate. The only ref. I had on hand was the costumed person (Chris Bak) in front of me. This was a pretty good costume, actually.