Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Study of Alien

This was for Chuck's storyboard class.

These are supposed to be studies in composition and value. From the list Chuck provided, I picked Ridley Scott's Alien.
I think I spent too much time on these, in terms of detail... I think next time I should simplify more (and especially not try to get likenesses down).

We were kinda supposed to use solid values (4 total), but this seemed a bit harsh-looking to me so I ended up using gradients (4 values total). Now I wonder if this made it look a bit too complicated.

Also, here's a quick floorplan of the scene. Not sure how I accurate I got it...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cafe sketching for Chuck's storyboard class

I guess I'll post these, too.

Chuck said that these environments could have used more effective use of line weight and detail. As in, thicker lines and more detail for foreground things, and the opposite for things in the background. Hopefully I'll remember to incorporate more depth into my environments.

First drawing day of Heads and Hands

Hey there.

I haven't posted in a while, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been drawing.
I've been working on my portfolio (too slowly), and on boards and development for a short film that I'm making with some friends/fellow students.

I guess I've just been lazy to update, or that my goals on what to post have changed (like, I haven't posted my cafe sketches and whatnot as of late, and I've been trying to just post personal work stuff).

Well here's stuff that I did today for Don Lagerberg's Heads and Hands class.
He didn't really instruct us how to draw today.
He mainly just told us to use our own memory and current drawing skills, so that he could observe where we're all at.

I'd like to get consistent at drawing my own characters. I guess I'm always tweaking the design along the way. The first ones I did were in the middle, then I loosened up a bit and the drawings turned out a bit more appealing at least. Oh yeah, we were supposed to draw caveman, evolved future human, and child heads in there, so if you see any that look like that, then yeah.

The above images were all from memory (or be lightly referencing my own hand). Don wanted us to draw a hand for a laborer, an elderly woman, an infant, a female violinist, and a creature.

These are from having classmates pose for us.