Sunday, June 19, 2011

Story Dev char designs

 I was thinking, "I'll give this guy a butterfly theme, like how Kamen Rider has a grasshopper/bug theme." It's a little comical to see a crimefighter who has a theme not commonly associated with good/justice. So, basically, Kamen Rider, Spider-Man, Robin, etc.

I also thought about doing a "justice theme." In the top left, I have the guy with his eyes covered (as justice is blind), and a scale symbol on his chest. But, with his eyes covered, he wouldn't be able to emote as well, and he might look like some sort of blindfolded kung fu guy...

I also thought about incorporating the Japanese word for justice, seigi 正義 into his costume (or just the 正 part of it), but then to most people he would just look like some Asian-themed character, and they wouldn't understand the "justice" part.

 Here is more on that justice theme. A western representation of justice is a blindfolded woman holding a sword and a pair of scales. I ended up with a somewhat knight-ish costume. Although, it seems too appropriate, and not silly enough. Somehow I think this kind of theme/motif would be good for a more serious take on a superhero, not a comical superhero... I'm confused here.

I had also thought of a police/riot-gear type costume, but he wouldn't look silly enough when trying to enforce his own brand of justice.


  1. Cool design sketches Tung, I'd advise against using lettering on characters though because unless you do it in Cg you're going to have to constantly draw that lettering over and over again. Have you thought of asking 'Why does this character need to fight for justice?' It may give some depth to your character and influence his design rather than thinking 'he's a spoof character'. But that is still funny you're drawing refrence from kamen rider.

  2. Hey there. I read your comment the same day you made it, but I think now I should add a reply, too.

    That's some helpful advice. Yeah I think I'm gonna step back and work on the overall story for now, and see how his character develops. That's actually quite related to the current assignment...