Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two things.

CTNX was a humbling and inspiring experience this year. I was fortunate enough to show my portfolio to many talented people. Thanks to Mike Collins and Brianne Drouhard, I got to talk to Glen Murakami and Alan Wan. Some of their advice made me realize that if I want to work on certain shows, then the work in my portfolio should reflect that (in terms of style). 

So here's a start.

This next one is an older piece. I printed this on my envelope when I applied for an internship to Nickelodeon. Still waiting for the phase 2 interview, if it comes. Oh and if you get the reference, you are cool.


  1. awesome Spiderman! and i love the Castlevania reference in your tag line! :P

  2. Your words are as empty as your soul! I mean, thanks

  3. Really cool stuff! Ninja Turtles are the greatest.

    And I did not get the reference so I am not cool :(