Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flash practice

Just a test I made in Flash CS5 as a way to learn how to use the tools.

I used a combination of hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation, classic tweening, and motion guide tweening. I also learned how to use symbols (such as turning the traditionally-animated eyes and head into a symbol and tweening it to get the head movement).


  1. Great job, Tung! Lookin really good. A lot of folks ink with the brush tool rather than the pencil tool. I see you've used the pencil, might wanna give that one a try too. Keep it up, can't wait to see the awesome cartoons you'll make

  2. Thanks!
    Hmmm, I think I used the brush tool actually. But I think I had pressure sensitivity turned off the whole time.

    I only used the pencil tool to draw the guide path for the motion tween of the fly. The pencil tool seems to have its smoothing stuck on 50, so it feels really weird to draw with it.

  3. nice dude! keep it up. Just mess about in there and get used to the interface. brush or pencil, it's all good. Brush is a bit more intuative, so keep it up. pencil, you can do some interesting stuff with it. but yeah. give another short test a shot, and feel free to bug me any time should you want to learn how to screw things up. ha.

  4. Thanks Mike. I got the ideas for what kinds of things I can do in Flash from when you explained in Forkan's class about having the energy animation for your robot on loop, and also about having just one drawing that's tweened/stretched around and stuff.