Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Henshin a go go, baby!

Uhh, I'll post photos of the harrowing process of making this thing later... maybe I'll have those sketches of Dana and Larry too.
That odd ugly white thing that's attaching the cape to Joe is epoxy putty. The cape broke off, and the epoxy was not easily sculptable... so that's why it's lumpy. =(


  1. WOW, NICE one, Tung!!! Veautiful Joe in spectacular clay 3d
    The cape and muscle knowledge came out really well..and hey, I think I see you a bit in those camera shots hehe :P

  2. There are a couple problems with it that my teacher mentioned, but I'll let you marvel at it for a while before I tell you them

  3. Well I guess I'll say it now before people lose interest. The thighs look too thick and there's not enough space between the legs... although they are the same thickness as the drawings I printed out... it's just a problem with the way the 2D illustration was, I think. My teacher also said that the left thigh looks flat... and yeah I guess it looks odd in the way that it's bending out from his pelvis in the side shot.

    The thickness between the middle of the chest and the middle of his back is lacking. My teacher said that it doesn't look like he could have a rib cage. Crud, it's really visible in one of the side shots! I didn't notice it as I was sculpting it.

    My teacher also said that the cape looks like an afterthought, b/c I didn't smooth out the edges on it... and also b/c the white lumpy epoxy is an eyesore. He was right... lol.

    He said I did a good job on the helmet and face... actually, if you feel the helmet, it has a few subtle lumps and depressions in it... urgggg, smoothing out that thing was hard.

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself Tung, its a pretty awesome sculpture, really dynamic in terms of its pose. Keep it up!