Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who's that Pokémon?

From sculpting class at Cal State Fullerton. Instructor: Vin Teng

Mixing together Super Sculpey and black and white Sculpey III

The armature for the arms was too long, so I had to readjust and cut it...


  1. Adorable!! Wish you could have painted it but nonetheless, awesome job!! I haven't taken the class so I dunt really know how much pressure and time this took but it looks GREAT!! :)

  2. The class is alright. The deadline creeps up on you, though!

    Hrrmmrrmrm. I think I slightly messed up on this one because I kind of have the arms coming out of the front of his body, instead of the sides. I was under the impression that the arms were like a T-Rex's... although a T-Rex's arms still come out of the sides, but they're set very forward...

  3. But seriously, that side view matches up with the side view on the model sheet!